Day trips to Italy are back on the agenda

Visitors are once again allowed to enter Italy for day trips without the need to present a negative Covid test, provided they live within 60 kilometres of the Italian city. It means that quick shopping trips or restaurant visits to the Italian Riviera are back on the agenda for Monaco residents.
Situated close to the Monegasque border, the Italian Riviera is a popular spot for visitors looking to stock up on their favourite Italian produce or enjoy some traditional local cuisine and hospitality.
It is for that reason that the mayor of Ventimiglia, Gaetano Scullino, made a special request to the country’s health ministry to lift restrictions placed on the country’s close foreign neighbours.
As of Wednesday 2nd June, visitors “can come safely for 24 hours, shop in and visit Ventimiglia, as long as they live within 60 kilometres of the border town,” the mayor happily announced on Wednesday.
The new ordinance states that foreigners entering Italy are no longer required to present a negative Covid or antigen test, or undertake quarantine, if their visit lasts less than 24 hours and they are no more than 60 kilometres from their place of residence.
It means that people from as far as Nice can also take advantage of day trips to Italy as it is located 40 kilometres from the border city.