Débroussaillement: Changes incoming on legal obligation to keep gardens under control

Starting in 2025, anyone who buys or rents a home in an area deemed at risk of forest fires must be informed of their legal obligation to perform débroussaillement – the clearing of brush and undergrowth – by the seller or property owner.  

Homeowners in these susceptible areas are required to take proactive measures against the risks of forest fires by clearing scrub and flammable debris from their properties. This is intended to reduce the overall risk to residents and the surrounding community.

As of 1st January 2025, tenants of homes in these areas will also be responsible for clearing and maintaining their gardens, and the property owner must make this requirement clear to their renters. The changes to the regulations covering débroussaillement also apply to new homeowners, who must be notified of this legal obligation prior to the sale of the property.  

A risk statement, similar to the ones already provided to buyers and tenants of houses and apartments located in potentially dangerous zones, such as in seismically active areas, near mines or in places prone to natural disasters, must be provided during first visits to anyone interested in these properties to give them a full picture of the hazards as well as their potential duties. Additionally, homes located in the areas where risk statements are required must be advertised as such. 

The optimal time to carry out débroussaillement is during winter. Attempts to clear land of undergrowth and brush during the spring may negatively impact the nesting season of bird species, while the carrying out of works during the drier summer months may unintentionally increase the risks of wildfires.

To read the official governmental advice on débroussaillement and to find out if your area falls in such a zone, click here.  


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Photo by Monaco Life