Decorative pieces by local entrepreneur help fund monk seal protection

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has accepted a €3,000 donation from Sophia Vaharis-Tsouvelekakis, founder and creative mind behind the MyCrown Collection brand.

“The Foundation is grateful to receive this donation from MyCrown Collection, for a second consecutive year, for its action in favour of the preservation of the monk seal, a species that almost completely disappeared 20 years ago,” said Foundation Vice-President Olivier Wenden.

Entrepreneur Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis is the creative mind behind the brand MyCrown Collection, says that the idea came about when she was going through old clothing in her and her family’s closets. She came upon several pieces she knew would never be worn again, but she didn’t have the heart to give them up. The result was first her hallmark pillows and table napkins created from shirts, scarves, dresses, and skirts, which she soon decided was more than just a personal project, but a fantastic idea for a small business venture.

Nowadays, the decorative pillows and several of the table mats are made from old men’s shirts contributing to the concept of less waste for the environment. In addition, the MyCrown Collection has collaborated with the Prince Albert II Foundation, donating 30% of all purchases made in Monaco to the Foundation to support projects protecting the oceans and the Earth.


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Photo courtesy My Crown Collection