Delve deeper into Duel Reality with photographic exhibition

The Kamil art gallery is presenting a photographic exhibition of the Duel Reality circus show which is set to feature at the Grimaldi Forum this weekend.

The Kamil art gallery on Avenue Princesse Grace is known for showcasing unique and international art. Its partnership with Duel Reality is a continuation of this, with the gallery opening its doors to a new exhibition on Wednesday 14th September.

The exhibition portrays some of the most crucial moments from the Duel Reality circus show through the lens of Arata Urawa and Einar Kling Odencrants.

“I picked out the photographs that included the most emotions as well as the most prominent moments of the production,” 8 Stars Monaco Director Nicolas Jelmoni tells Monaco Life.

Duel Reality is a revised version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julliette. The common goal between the director of the gallery and the co-founder of the show was to visualise a modern form of artistic expression.

“As I was preparing to direct the show, I already knew exactly which performers I wanted for which characters, because I know some of these artists really well, I know what they are capable of and how well they can fit in with certain characters,” explains Shana Carrol, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Duel Reality.

In order to achieve these captivating images, the photographers revealed that they needed to be connected to the art.

Photographer Arata Urawa, who is also a former circus perform, says that technique is crucial to obtaining images that are professional and speak to the audience, however, experience can change the whole meaning and interpretation of a picture.

“I used to be a performer, so when I was taking pictures of the show, I could feel their next move, I could predict what was going to happen. That is very important because the quality of your shot could change in a matter of seconds,” Urawa tells Monaco Life.

The Duel Reality circus show is being held at the Grimaldi Forum on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September, while the Duel Reality photographic exhibition is being hosted at Kamil Gallery until 20th September.

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Photo by Monaco Life