Department of Labour expands e-services

The Monegasque Department of Labour is taking its commitment to the Extended Monaco programme to the next level with a restructured system for employees and job seekers.
The Principality’s digital transition plan, dubbed Extended Monaco, is being increasingly used by both public and private sectors businesses. Now, the Department of Labour is stepping up its game by increasing the number of procedures users can do online.
In collaboration with the Department of Digital Administration, the Department of Labour has started offering, since mid-December 2019, six new teleservices for Monegasque employers in order to assist in their administrative procedures as well as allowing civil servants and state agents who manage employer’s requests to have a management tool that allows them access at their fingertips to vital information, making a more efficient system all around.
In lieu of multiple paper requests, the Department of Labour now offers a simplified way to obtain information or make appeals for help with a few easy clicks of a mouse.
The new online services available to employers, using a single user account, are for the following:

  • Hiring of domestic staff
  • Request a temporary employee to work in Monaco for a period of less than 3 months
  • Request a work exemption for legal holidays
  • Request a derogation from working hours
  • Request an exemption from the daily rest time granted to female employees
  • Request an exemption from night work for female employees

The benefits derived from the new system are plentiful, as the process is streamlined. No more onerous files to print, fill out and post, and no more paper wastage.
More importantly, no more wasted time. The days of wondering if requests have been received is over, as online notifications are automatically generated, allowing employers an idea of where requests stand. Agents also profit as the time needed to process requests is drastically reduced.
In addition to the employer services, new procedures for those who wish to apply for jobs online are in the process of being created and are expected to be available soon.
Photo source: Pixabay