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The number of people officially infected with Covid-19 has risen to 60 in Monaco: 2 cured, 11 hospitalised, 2 in ICU

Didier Gamerdinger speaks at social press point event

Didier Gamerdinger speaks at social press point event

By Staff Writer - February 11, 2019

At a press point today, Didier Gamerdinger, Government Counselor – Minister of Social Affairs and Health, wished to discuss the current issues in the field of news of work.

“It is normal for the unions to have demands, but I want to make it clear that relations with the Government are regular and courteous, and I am in constant dialogue with both employee representatives and employers. I stand there, although differences of opinion may emerge, the approach is open on my part in the constant concern to work for the prosperity of the country.I am careful not to question what works and to that the subtle balances of the working relationship in Monaco, which promote the economic dynamism of the country, are not upset, “he wished to recall in the preamble.

With 3,000 temporary and 13 temporary work agencies, temporary work gives the Principality’s various business sectors the necessary flexibility and adaptability to work. Currently governed by common labor law, the adoption of a specific legal framework for temporary work would be a useful complement to our provisions. Drafting work is underway within the Department. It will be shared later with the social partners.

With regard to trade unions, the legal framework dating back to 1944 needs to be modernized.

© - Directorate of Communication - Manuel Vitali
© – Directorate of Communication – Manuel Vitali

In order to correspond to the reality of today, a reflection with the social partners will be initiated, in particular with a view to simplifying their creation process and giving flexibility to the duration of the mandate of the union offices. On the occasion of this reflection, the criteria of union representativeness will be discussed.

The integration of digital into the employment relationship has become indispensable. With 55,000 employees and 40,000 work permits processed each year, the dematerialization of documents, the simplification of procedures or the development of teleservice applications are essential and involve changing the law. The Department has initiated, in conjunction with the Delegation for the Digital Transition, the IT reforms that will make life easier for businesses and employees.

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