Digital Solar and Energy Boat Challenge

The Monaco Solar and Energy Boast Challenge has had to change format this year, but it is still going ahead with a virtual version so that key players can share ideas and compete for top prizes.
For the organisers of the Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge, the show must go on! Since 2014, the event has proven to be a breeding ground for new and innovative ideas in the alternative boat propulsion systems world, and a health crisis isn’t going to stop that.
This 7th annual gathering may not be able to get participants and industry leaders together in person, but the first ever virtual competition will be just as effective in getting word out on new products and ideas in a safe way for all.
As Yacht Club of Monaco (YCM) General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri explains: “Given the situation and to continue supporting the hard work already put in by teams, we felt we had to adapt. With all the uncertainty, we are not able to host a conventional event for the public. Last year, we had over a thousand visitors through the village and 350 participants. We had to find a solution to keep it going without contravening the guidelines.”
Organised by the YCM, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, and the International Powerboating Federation, this challenge has focused on zero-emission propulsion. Researchers, engineers, inventors, scholars, and yachting and energy professionals gather to look at new ways to build yachting’s future.
Participants have until 31st May to submit presentations to a technical jury chosen by the event’s organisers, and each team will be invited to introduce their ideas in a pre- scheduled interview between the 30th of June and the 4th of July. Afterwards, the jury will select the best of the best at an awards ceremony.
The three awards presented will be the Innovation Prize, the Eco-conception Prize and the Spirit Prize. The Innovation Prize will be awarded to the team showing “the most advanced improvements of visionary and relevant innovations.” The goal is to be able to endorse systems that can be readily adapted to meet the boating industries’ requirements from both a pricing and production angle.
The Eco-Conception Prize focuses on not only the efficiency, but also to its contribution to science and using good practices.
The Spirit Prize will be given to the team that shows originality in their work through their presentation, the evolutions of the idea and the technical work achieved in creating the project.
The winners of each category will receive a €2,000 cheque.