Digitising Monaco

Three new digital tools are now available for Monaco users – the Your Monaco website, the Urban Report and Waze applications for smartphones and tablets.  

Minister of Equipment, Environment and Urban Planning and Georges Gambarini, responsible for the Smart City program at the Department of Digital Services, met on 23rd July at the Ministry of State to unveil three new ways to make life easier for people living, working and even visiting in Monaco.

“These three new digital tools, labelled DEEU and Extended Monaco, aim to better inform the population and listen to them. They open up new accesses and offer new opportunities with the aim of strengthening the link between our Administration, Monegasques and residents.” declared Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.

The website www.yourmonaco.mc is broken down into four themes: my daily life, my city, my environment, and my urban services. Within each theme, there are a series of information articles complete with maps and illustrations.  

Some of the useful information that can be found includes where the play areas are located, where to find defibrillators, housing plan operations, bus and transit lines, and how and where to recycle household waste, amongst many other topics.

My Urban Services includes 50 administrative services available online such as vehicle registration information, energy transition plans, and town planning rules. Moreover, these services are obtainable in three clicks.

The site is in French, English and Italian and will be upgradable to include news articles and a news feed.

As reported by Monaco Life in an earlier interview with Georges Gambarini, Urban Report is an application that allows people to report a problem on a construction site, road works, or passenger shelters, for example. A report is transmitted directly to the DEEU service which is analysed, processed and sent to the “user”.

“More than an application, it is a direct, unfiltered link between Monegasques, residents and the services of my department”, said Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.

Georges Gambarini adds that, “Users can thus support and direct the strengths of the Administration where they are most useful. They allow the State to better meet their needs by co-constructing a better urban environment.” 

Waze is a popular and widely used navigation app that offers real-time traffic information. Monaco is part of the ‘Waze for Cities’ programme, which allows located specifics to be integrated, such as temporary road closures for events or heavy traffic due to closures or accidents. Drivers can go to the app and mark an area that is blocked or disrupted, thus sending out an alert to all Waze users. This allows others the chance to avoid the area or use an alternate routing. Data collected by Waze will also be linked to the yourmonaco.mc site.