Discount SNCF Zou Passes available

SNCF has adapted its popular Zou Pass packages to the new work and commuting patterns brought on by the Covid epidemic.
Since 20th August, SNCF has been offering the new telework Pass Zou packages. Originally set up for workers, but open for all to take advantage of, the pass was meant to be a convenient and cost-effective way to commute. With the advent of telecommuting, the needs of employees have changed drastically. Working remotely has become the norm rather than exception for many, and the need to travel to the office four or more times a week has vanished.
Compared to the regular full price option, users can save up to 70% by going for the 30-trip package, and save 60% by choosing the 20-trip one. For trips between Nice-Ville and Monaco, which costs around €5.20 according to calculations by South SNCF Region, this same journey costs €1.20 to a user benefiting from the 30-day offer, and €1.70 if using the 20-day pass.
SNCF’s Ivan Bellais told La Gazette de Monaco that for the moment the rail traffic for September is “supposed to resume as before the crisis of Covid-19, that is to say a train every 15 minutes in rush hour and one every 30 minutes in off-peak hours”. He also reiterated that “employee transport must concern everyone and that it is a collective effort to be made”.
It is estimated that over 40,000 workers travel to Monaco by car to work every weekday, usually with only one person in the car. The carbon footprint of this kind of travel is immense and switching to train travel would reduce that footprint enormously.