Discover 60 cultures through 60 sculptures in Amade’s 60th anniversary exhibition

Dive into the ancient world and its civilizations at the Casino de Monte-Carlo with an exhibition of 60 sculptures presented in honour of AMADE’s 60th anniversary.

The unique exhibition is curated by the Donnadieu Foundation, a newly established foundation that organises cultural events around France, founded by Ludovic Donnadieu. It is taking place at the Atrium of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, a location full of history and fit for an exhibition of ancient treasures.

The exhibition is in honour of Amade’s 60th anniversary. Amade, ‘The World Association for Children’s Friends’ (Association Mondiale des Amis de l’Enfance), is an organisation founded in 1963 by Princess Grace of Monaco, and has been chaired by Princess Caroline of Hanover since 1993.

According to Amade’s vision statement, it aims to “build a world where children, regardless of their social, religious or cultural origins, can live safely and with dignity and respect for their fundamental rights”.

A unique look at cultures across the globe

Such a world vision is also shared by Ludovic Donnadieu, with the central statement surrounding the Donnadieu foundation being “culture gives youth hope for a better future”. With a shared vision, both organisations came together to bring it into reality.

60 sculptures, spanning from five continents and covering 8,000 years of history, sourced from Ludovic’s own private collection, are on display. The sculptures have been “meticulously selected from around the world to form a harmonious work depicting the diversity of the world’s cultures”. A unique feature of the exhibition is that the works are displayed in circles, symbolising ‘equality, fraternity, and eternity’. 

Visitors are left to wonder about ancient mysteries and a desire to explore them. “It’s a very inspiring exhibition that makes me think of how much we don’t know about ancient times,” a long-term resident visiting the exhibition told Monaco life.

At the end of the exhibition, a guestbook is displayed, where visitors can write their thoughts and feelings, leaving a mark in time of their own.

The exhibition is open to the public every day from 12pm until 17th October, at the Atrium in Casino de Monte-Carlo with free admission.

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Main photo by Monaco Life