Discover the greenhouses of the Saint Laurent d’Eze nursery and the International Flower Competition

Embrace the great outdoors by joining in the third consecutive ‘Nature Weekend’, organised by the Urban Planning Department’s Garden section, and enjoy floral masterpieces at the 54th International Flower Competition.

Throughout the weekend of 14th and 15th October, the organisation team will be welcoming visitors to the Peiniere de Saint-Laurent d’Eze for a series of workshops, suitable for all ages.

Your Nature Weekend program

Visitors will have an opportunity to learn new gardening skills and insights through workshops on plant composition, repotting plants, and engaging in drawing and bookmarking sessions to unlock land art.

Participants will be able to take part in a guided tour and discover the ‘experimental and educational vegetable garden’, and ‘the operation during a guided tour’, experiences that offer a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture and empower visitors towards healthy choices.

During the event, Le Camion Valentin food truck will be on-site.

Can’t have nature without flowers

The month of Octobere will also see the 54th international Bouquet Competition, organised by the Garden Club, which will take on the theme of ‘Le Festival du Cirque’, in honour of Prince Rainier III.

Participants from across Europe will showcase their creativity through floral compositions, creating true artistic masterpieces.

There will be seven categories that participants can choose from to base their masterpieces on. These include ‘trapeze artists’, ‘contortionists’, ‘balancing act’, ‘magic’, ‘acrobatic and porcelain’, ‘circus animals’, and, of course, a circus will not be complete without a ‘clown’ category.

Two juries will decide on the awards, the ‘special’ jury, and the ‘official’ jury.

Either as a competitor or a spectator, come join the floral circus at the Rival Tunnel on Saturday 7th October, from 6pm to 7:30pm, and on Sunday 8th October, from 9:30am to 6pm, with free admission.


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Photo credit: Jonathan Kemper, Unsplash