Discover the world through the eyes of Mary Ronayne at Monaco Art Week

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Carefree and blithe at first glance, but rich in allegory and satire when you take a second look, Mary Ronayne’s solo exhibit at YellowKorner certainly stands out from the crowd. Experience her work for yourself at Monaco Art Week. 

Mary Ronayne’s solo exhibition at the YellowKorner gallery opened just in time to entice the first avid art lovers descending on the Principality for Monaco Art Week, which began on Tuesday 4th and runs until Sunday 9th July.  

Found in the Carré d’Or, at 1 Avenue Henry Dunant, YellowKorner Monte-Carlo has teamed up with House Of Fine Art (HOFA), a London-based gallery, to exhibit the works of this up-and-coming talent, who has come to the Principality on the back of a sell-out show in London. 

HOFA has described the Irish-artist’s works as “a tribute to life… even when their undercurrent of Hogarthian satire and allegory are hard to deny”.  

This phrase neatly sums up the Irish artist’s unique approach to her subjects, a style somewhat farcical but undeniably charming.  

“What she does is quite difficult,” said Francesco Marchiaro, HOFA Marketing Director, during a press tour attended by Monaco Life. “She paints with enamel on wooden boards, so not canvas. It is tricky to paint with this medium because it drips, she needs to paint on a flat surface and it needs to all be done at once before it dries… Once you start, you can’t stop. You can’t fix any mistakes.” 

Marchiaro continued, “There’s a lot of symbolism in her pieces, a lot of characters inside, a lot of things happening. The more you look, the more you see.” 

The family theme is prominent in her work, but so are historical narratives as well as opera. Ronayne is also known for taking an older portrait and reworking it in her own independent style.  

Click on the images below for a snapshot of the exhibit and its preview event…


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