Dolceacqua takes centre stage at Condamine Market for a night to remember

Ahead of the future twinning of Monaco and Dolceacqua, an exciting evening dedicated to the famous Italian commune will be held at the Condamine Market this October.

For this special occasion on Saturday 14th October, a delegation of 25 talented musicians from Dolceacqua will travel to the Principality to grace the event with a 30-minute concert starting at 7pm. Following this musical delight, the Municipal Music of Monaco, comprising 21 musicians and a conductor, will take over the stage.

The festivities kick off at 6pm with a delightful offering of Dolceacqua’s specialties, from focaccia to Pansoti – a pasta like ravioli – allowing attendees to savour the flavours of this charming Italian town.

The evening promises to be a wonderful celebration of cultural exchange and a prelude to the promising partnership between Monaco and Dolceacqua.

Experience the vibrant Italian culture by joining the festivities at the Condamine Market on Saturday 14th  October at 6pm. The admissions are free.

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Photo source: carnets-voyage