Only surgical masks allowed on flights

Passengers flying to and from France will only be allowed onboard flights if they are wearing single-use, ‘surgical’ masks. Material face coverings will not be accepted, according to a new government rule.
France has tightened its regulations across the board recently with regards to mask wearing, including on flights. French authorities are enforcing new rules for travellers, saying they must wear the single use, blue/white or green/white masks.
French legislation states that: “All persons aged 11 or over shall, on board an aircraft engaged in public transport to, from or within the national territory, [must] wear the protective mask referred to in section I of Article 49 from the moment of boarding.”
The article says that these protective masks must be EN 14683, or “standard, single-use surgical masks”.
While easyJet is informing customers of this requirement via email, SMS and Flight Tracker ahead of departure, others, such as Ryanair, are less specific, stating on its website only that “face masks are required”.
Photo by Monaco Life, all rights reserved