Double launch for Energy Transition Mission

Monaco’s Energy Transition Mission has two new additions: a new website and a new ambassador programme aimed at promoting and adding value to the pact. 

On Tuesday, the Energy Transition Mission (MTE) revealed the two new tools to assist in their quest of turning Monaco into a fully digital, energy and waste efficient, carbon neutral state.

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning, and Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate in Charge of the Digital Transition, officially launched the ‘Carbon Coach Pact’ website, the first of the new elements.

The site is a collaboration between the MTE and the Interministerial Delegation in Charge of Digital Transition and features a complete picture of the goals and aspirations of the mission. The website has listings of their initiatives, events, surveys, challenges and the latest news, as well as an easy online way to sign up and become part of the pact as either an entity or individually.

Long-awaited by signatories, this new tool has all the information regarding procedures, application processes, and choices available in one place with an easy-to-use format. To further assist visitors and show them the impact of their efforts, there will now be a dedicated “eco-gesture sheet” and a detailed estimate of the amount of carbon emissions being prevented from entering the atmosphere.

“The National Pact is not a rigid tool. It adjusts and evolves over time and as needs arise. We adapt and optimise it so that it is as close as possible to reality, the expectations of members and the latest digital developments,” said Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.

The second new addition is the presentation of the ‘Ambassadors of the National Pact Programme’, which founder Julien Vidal says is aimed at promoting and relaying the National Pact to a broader audience. Mr Vidal, who is also founder of eco-citizen movement ‘It begins with me’, spent two hours with the first 10 ambassadors at the end of the event to clarify their roles.

The ambassadors will effectively become spokespeople for the Energy Transition, publicly explaining the pact and its goals. They will be expected to spread the word to their colleagues, employees and community at large and, with the support of the MTE, will provide training, mobilisation, workshops and follow-up.
Photo from left to right: Laurie Giacobi, Kate Powers, Benoite de Sevelinges, Sébastien Uscher, Frédéric Genta, Kevin Crovetto, Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Victor Langellotti, Jessica Sbaraglia, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Isabelle Biancheri, Julien Vidal, Rémi Feipeler, Céline Cottalorda. © Communication Department – Michael Alesi