easyJet boss predicts more airline failures


The chief executive of easyJet has warned that other airlines are likely to fail, following the collapse of Primera Air.

Speaking at the Abta Convention, Johan Lundgren said: “A lot of weaker players are in a more difficult situation because of the high price of oil. We are going to see more failures.”


He told The Independent newspaper, “If you are exposed to fuel [price increases] because you haven’t hedged, and you don’t have resilience, if you don’t have a product and a service that people will pay a small premium for, then you should be worried.”

He also voiced post-Brexit optimism, saying he believed deals would be in place for flight routes before the UK leaves the EU next year.

“Everybody wants connectivity,” he said. “There will be a bare-bones agreement with basic connectivity between the UK and Europe.

“It would be inconceivable for politicians to put people in the situation where people can’t go on holiday or on business trips.”