Economic vitality and diversity praised at Club Eco Monaco Awards

Held at the Grimaldi Forum on Monday 18th December, the Club Eco Monaco Awards shone a spotlight on Monaco’s economic strength and innovation.  

Jointly organised by the Monaco Economic Board and the Nice-Matin Group, the awards saw noteworthy enterprises from the Principality rewarded for their achievements in a diverse range of sectors. 

In his opening speech, Jean-Louis Pelé, the General Director of the Nice-Matin Group, reflected on the economic vitality and uniqueness present in Monaco.  

“Through the richness of their records and the excellence of the represented companies, the Eco Trophies highlight in the best way possible the economic dynamism of the Principality,” he said.  

Minister of State Pierre Dartout also praised the positive roles Monegasque businesses play in the international presence of the Principality as well as their contributions to its prosperity. 

“You honour the Principality, and I wish for you to continue doing so because the Principality needs its businesses,” said the statesman.  

Meanwhile, real estate guru Michel Dotta shared his thoughts on the Principality’s resilience against a backdrop of economic unease in Europe and further afield.  

“We will need to pull together, show solidarity, creativity, and tenacity,” he said of 2024. “Qualities in which the entrepreneurs of the Principality excel.” 


The ceremony was led by Guillaume Rose, Executive General Director of the Monaco Economic Board, and Christian Huault, Nice-Matin Group’s Editor-in-Chief. 

‘Manager of the Year Award’ went to Victoria Stevenson of Hôtel Columbus Monte-Carlo for her human-centric managerial approach. 

The ‘Sustainable Development Award’ went to Azur Tech and Daniel and Cédric Cavassino, who were acknowledged for their continuous efforts in reducing environmental impact in the cleaning sector. Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the Mission for the Energy Transition in Monaco, complimented the founders at the event, saying that they had created “a model to follow”.  

The ‘Innovation Award’ went to Youstock and Pierre Charvet for his Monaco-born start-up that is revolutionising storage solutions.  

The ‘International Awards’ went to WES’ Thierry Cognard and Alexandre Trueba, who were congratulated on their excellence in the global transportation and customs sector.  


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Photo credit: MEB / Landry Basile