Dramatic fall in Covid hospitalisations

The number of patients at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre has dropped to just six people, with only one in intensive care.

The latest figures show that Covid circulation and hospitalisations continue to plummet, with only two new cases reported on Sunday. This was followed on Monday by 34 cases.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Principality has registered 9,377 total positive cases of the virus, with the peak of the fifth wave seen in January this year, when 156 people tested positive in a single day on the 27th.

As of Monday night, six patients were being treated at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre for Covid. Five, including three residents, are being looked after in a regular ward, and only one patient, a non-resident, is still in intensive care.

Monaco’s incidence rate has remained relatively stable for the second week at 493, 20% of its highest peak.

The Alpes-Maritimes region is also beginning to fare better. The latest numbers show that the incidence rate is sitting at 642, with an R number of .96, below the mark where infection is spread exponentially.

The hospitals are also seeing some relief, with only three new patients being admitted on Sunday, keeping the total number of hospitalised at 491. They did not record a single death in this same period.

In general, this fifth wave, whilst producing high numbers, has been far less deadly than the previous ones. As the warm weather approaches, the hope is that the numbers continue to decline.

Restrictions in both Monaco and France have eased significantly, with Monaco dropping mask wearing for students as of Monday 28th February as well as no longer requiring a health pass to be presented to go to work, and food and drink service returning to cinemas and stadiums. Additionally, contact sports have also been given the green light to resume and standing at a bar a drinking a cocktail is no longer verboten.