European Vaccination Week highlights urgency of measles and HPV Immunisation

In the wake of a global resurgence of preventable diseases, European Vaccination Week at the end of April serves as a reminder of the critical role vaccination plays in public health. It comes as Monaco finds itself grappling with a surge in measles cases, mirroring trends in neighbouring countries like France.

Measles, notorious for its high contagiousness, can spread rapidly, with an infected individual capable of transmitting the virus to up to 20 contacts. Moreover, the disease can escalate into severe forms, requiring hospitalisation for one in every five cases. Presently, no specific treatment exists, underscoring the importance of vaccination.

The measles vaccine is a potent shield against the virus, preventing not only severe illness but also interrupting transmission in over 97% of cases. It also provides lifelong immunity. While vaccination against measles remains non-compulsory in Monaco, the government strongly recommends its adoption among residents and their families.

In Monaco, the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is fully covered by Health Insurance for children under 17-years-old, upon prescription by a healthcare provider. Vaccination services are readily accessible through primary care physicians, who can also offer guidance on vaccination schedules and catch-up regimens.

European Vaccination Week

As part of European Vaccination Week, held in the last week of April, the Prince’s Government is raising awareness on the immunisation of young individuals against human papillomavirus (HPV), a pathogen implicated in various cancers. HPV, a leading cause of cervical cancer in women and throat cancer in men, often operates silently, which is why vaccination is an important proactive measure.

Dosages for males and females aged 11 to 14 are two vaccinations over the space of six months. For those aged 15 to 26, three vaccinations are administered at two-month intervals. 

Further information about vaccination and schedules can be found here.

Photo source: CDC on Unsplash

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