Everything you need to know about Nice’s Nannybag service

nannybag nice

Nannybag, an international luggage storage company, offers tourists in and around Nice an inexpensive and safe way to stow their personal effects at handy locations. 

It’s the last day of the holidays and the AirBnB checkout is at 10am, but the flight isn’t until 7pm. What to do with the day when there is a mountain of luggage to tote around and no safe place to leave it? 

This is a problem that Nannybag can solve. Now available in 32 countries around the globe, including Nice, this innovative business has been set up to harbour people’s luggage for a small fee on a 24-hour basis in locations convenient for tourists, such as near airports, train stations and local attractions, like museums and shopping areas.  

There is no size limit, meaning a backpack costs the same as a massive rolling bag, making it a real bonus for the holidaymaker who prefers not to travel lightly.  


In Nice, there are 36 “nannies” all over the city, including a number of shops, hotels, post offices and even restaurants. For €6 per day per bag, tourists can leave whatever they want at the pre-ordained location and roam the city without lugging their luggage.  

There are also locations in Cannes, though fewer, and even one in Beausoleil near Monaco. 


To use this handy service, people must go online and reserve space at a location of their choosing for specific dates.  

They then simply go to the address of the booking and drop their bags, which will be marked by an assistant with a biodegradable safety seal. Full protection up to €1,000 is included in the deal in the case of damage, loss or theft. Identification must be presented upon both arrival and departure, along with a reservation number for added security.  

Now, people are free to tour the city and enjoy it without worrying about their possessions. Pretty useful, don’t you think? 



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