Everything you need to know about No Finish Line 2023

no finish line

In Monaco, an extraordinary event unfolds every year. The No Finish Line, now in its 24th edition, unites casual walkers and seasoned runners in a heart-warming mission to help children in need. It’s more than just a race, it’s a symbol of hope and generosity.

Since 1999, ‘No Finish Line’ has seen 164,661 participants collectively covering a staggering 4,487,241 kilometres. Their unwavering dedication has raised over €4,810,000, all directed towards projects aiding underprivileged children.


Each year, No Finish Line sets ambitious targets that are consistently surpassed by its tireless participants. This year’s challenge is 300,000 kilometres and an equivalent sum in euros.

The race kicks off on Saturday 11th November at 2pm and runs for eight days, concluding on Sunday 19th November at 4pm. The course circles a 1,140-metre loop around the Fontvieille Big Top that will be marshalled by 30 volunteers from Children and Future.

Yakuba Ouattara, captain of AS Monaco Basket’s Roca Team, will be returning as VIP sponsor for the third year, combining his athletic prowess with dedication to this noble cause.


Teams have to pre-register on the website Children & Future, but individuals have the added option of registering in person on the first day of the event.

The registration fee for adults is €23, including a €10 deposit, while children (above 10 years) can register for €16.


No Finish Line Monaco offers additional events to the main loop, including the ‘24-hour Trophy’ and the ‘8 Days’ challenge, where 45 runners push the limits of endurance.

To combat pollution, disposable cups have been replaced with reusable, eco-friendly bottles available on-site for just €1.

Professional support is always at hand to provide care and assistance to participants after their sporting endeavours.

It’s a race for the heart, and it’s a cause that unites, inspires and showcases the incredible capacity of the human spirit.

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Photo credit: No Finish Line Monaco / Andre Faure.