Experience Monaco’s wild side at the new Amazónico Monte-Carlo

Come with Monaco Life as we take you inside Amazónico – the most anticipated opening of the year and the new epicentre of Monaco’s nightlife.

In 2022, when Amazónico was revealed as the new restaurant to feature in the Café de Paris redevelopment, the luxury franchise brand was exploding in popularity across the globe, with new openings in London and Dubai after its debut in Madrid in 2016. A Miami opening is also slated for this year.

Created by husband and wife duo Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, the success of Amazónico has always been its ability to seamlessly blend elegance with exotic; exclusivity with charm.

Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, Co-Founders of Amazonico, at the restaurant’s opening. Photo credit: Olivier Huitel, Crystal Palace

Like the forest from which it hails, Amazónico offers a complete saturation of the senses. It is visually stunning with abundant jungle greenery, embellished cocktail glasses, vibrant Amazonian tones and clever mood lighting; deliciously enticing in its flamboyant drink range and Latin American cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean influences; delightfully textural in the emerald green velour booths, bubble glass ceiling and tactile artwork designed by internationally renowned artist Lázaro Rosa-Violán; enchantingly entertaining with the sound of live Jazz, Bossa Nova and Cuban rhythms, as well as a resident DJ’s ‘elec-tropical’ beats; and finally, Amazónico simply exudes the addictive scents of anticipation and joy. 

Established by Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer and D.ream International hospitality group, which is also behind the Coya brand, the aim is for Amazónico to be renowned for its bar, restaurant, and club.

The terrace of Amazónico. Photo source: Monte-Carlo SBM

One of the finest roof terraces in the world

Amazónico is situated above the Café de Paris, completing a “golden triangle” that includes the Hôtel de Paris and the Casino de Monte-Carlo. The view by day up here is iconic. The view by night is out of this world. 

The sheer size of this establishment allows for an ambience to fit any mood: the terrace with its unbeatable panoramic views of the famous Place du Casino, lounge areas both inside and outside, a cigar terrace, a sushi counter, a private party table and an exclusive club hidden beneath a winding leopard-print staircase. 

Inside Monaco’s new nightlife hotspot, Amazónico. Photo source: Monte-Carlo SBM

The cuisine 

The menu, like Amazónico itself, takes inspiration from Latin America and the tropics, together with Asian and Mediterranean influences. This unique combination plays out in dishes like thinly sliced yellowtail, passion pulp and shiso leaf dressing served alongside a plate of Mexican style stone bass ceviche, avocado cream and jalapeño; the fried frogs legs with spiced mango dressing, and the Peruvian corn bread with lobster and Oscietra caviar. 

My suggestion is to order a plate of Patacones Mechados (pulled pork on crispy plantain) and Camerones Melosos (shrimp with mango and Baerii Vintage caviar) to enjoy with your cocktail, then order as many dishes as you can possibly fit in, to share. They’re quite light, so you are only limited by your credit card. Just make sure you have one of the charcoal grilled meats on there.

The charcoal grilled steaks are a highlight on the menu. Photo source: Monte-Carlo SBM

Oh, and leave room for dessert. The babajito is surprisingly lightweight, the caramel glazed pineapple with coconut sorbet is refreshing, and the selection of traditional Brazilian chocolate truffles are a deliciously sweet finish to the meal.  

The cocktails

Complementing this distinctive culinary experience are specialist craft cocktails shaken by an expert bar team, offering an exotic Amazónico twist. Whether you’re looking to ‘Save the Jungle’ (Leblon Cachaça, lime, tamarillo, anise) or get up to some ‘Monkey Business’ (Glenfiddich triple oak, lemon, banana, ginger, honey, fennel pollen), you’ll love this large range of unique concoctions that are made with rare and unique elements from all around the world, served in the most beautifully flamboyant cocktail glasses.

The cocktail glasses are as elaborate as the restaurant itself. Photo source: Monte-Carlo SBM

The Club: unapologetically exclusive

For those looking to party into the early hours (4am), the Club, hidden down a dizzyingly-long leopard-print staircase, is an exclusive opportunity to experience the energy of Amazónico. And I mean exclusive. Entry is at the discretion of staff; prior reservation is not allowed, although restaurant patrons are given preference. 

If you are lucky enough to get into the Club, you’ll be treated to a sumptuous enclave of indulgence, where the most expensive and sought-after spirits and Champagnes are served under a midnight sky-like ceiling, a resident DJ turns up the ‘elec-tropical’ beats, high-rollers take centre-stage in the VIP lounge, and jungle fever really takes hold.  

Expect to see a lot of Amazónico on your Instagram feed (see more in our Instagram reel below).

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with, from left to right, Mélanie-Antoinette de Massy, Camille Gottlieb, Louis Ducruet and Marie Ducruet. Photo credit: Eric Mathon, Prince’s Palace

The opening party

It is only fitting that the restaurant opening of the year should have an equally impressive opening party. On 9th April, Prince Albert II of Monaco, his wife Princess Charlene and sister Princess Stéphanie were joined by other members of the Princely family in officially inaugurating Amazónico.

Also present were Stéphane Valeri, Chairman and CEO of Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, Ferit F. Sahenk, Chairman and CEO of D.ream, and 800 guests, including many iconic names from Monaco and beyond, who were all taken on a sensory journey in to the heart of the Amazon, Monaco-style. 

Live music is available every night at Amazónico Monte-Carlo. Photo source: Monte-Carlo SBM

“I am truly excited to be in such an iconic location. Overlooking the outstanding Place du Casino and Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo and on top of the iconic Café de Paris in Monte-Carlo. With these exceptional views, we are obviously in one of the most sought-after locations in the world,” said Ferit F. Sahenk. “Given this location, I see nothing but success for our beloved Amazónico. We are honoured to contribute to the prestigious Principality of Monaco, both with Amazónico and as a partner of the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer. Our first venture Coya is already flourishing, giving all of us a glimpse of the potential this great city holds. I am 100% sure Amazónico will surpass all our expectations.”

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