Experiential Yachting Forum: expanding the concept of yachting

The Monaco Yacht Club will be hosting the upcoming Experiential Yachting Forum, a new kind of yachting event focusing less on bling and more on opportunities for living, working, learning, commerce and much more.

The first question that may spring to mind when hearing about the Experiential Yachting Forum is probably, “What does that even mean?” As the first of its kind, there is little wonder the event would rouse curiosity, and beg the question.

The simple answer is best given by the organisers themselves who say that “Experiential Yachting is a new philosophy of yachting, where human potential rises to a higher level through the purposeful use of super yachts as floating establishments for living or long-term stay, work or retirement, experiential learning or scientific research, medical purposes or rehabilitation, social needs or exclusive commerce. By changing the function of a yacht, we are opening a new chapter in the industry and a new world far away from the shore.”

In practical terms, the forum is a place to come together and discuss alternative uses for superyachts where experiences are part of the equation, connecting the yachting world to such wildly different sectors as ocean and human health, marine science, neuroscience, philosophy, the metaverse and AI and VR technology.

Topics being covered include talks on Holistic Yachting: Yacht, Sea and Human Health, Experiential Yacht Design, Yacht Building by Purpose, Immersive VR and Yachting, Yachting and Metaverse. NFT Yacht Brokerage, The Future of Co-ownership and Group Yacht Ownership, Yachting Experience Ownership, Yacht Repurposing and Conversion, The Future of Super Yachts, Environmental Challenges and Yachting, The Future of Exploration and Expedition Yachting, and New Value of ‘Classic’ Yachting Destinations.

The Experiential Yachting Forum, being held on 21st April at the Yacht Club of Monaco (YCM), is offering two types of experiences. The on-site one includes a sea-themed lunch, immersive experiences, networking opportunities, “audience voice” time during sessions and participation in the tombola where the lucky winner will get two nights abord Stardust of Mary in Portugal.  

Remote attendees will have access to the event’s replay videos and presentations, online chats to interact throughout the forum to ask questions and share insight, a post-event session featuring active remote attendees on social media, and a chance at the tombola prize.

Doors open on the 21st of April at 9am for registration and run throughout the day until 6pm. For more information, the full schedule of events and to register, visit the event’s website at https://www.experientialyachtingforum.com/