Explained: Important changes in France from 1st May

changes in france in may

Here are all the new rules and changes coming into effect in France during the month of May, as well as important dates to remember regarding tax returns and registration for the upcoming European elections. 

As of 1st May, taxpayers in France will be able to submit their tax returns on smartphones and tablets via the official Impôts.gouv app. Furthermore, following a 5.4% increase to the income tax scales in 2023, a rise designed to protect taxpayers from the undesirable effects of inflation, a further 4.8% will be applied in 2024. 

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The first of the month is also the official deadline for online registration for residents hoping to vote in the upcoming European elections, which will take place between 6th and 9th June. In-person registration will still be possible at local town halls until 3rd May. 

Starting 2nd May, users of the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) will be required to make a €100 contribution towards their tuition under the national training scheme, saving the government an estimated €200 million per year.  

The fixed contribution cost of visiting the doctor will increase from €1 to €2 beginning 15th May. The fee will not be reimbursed by national or supplementary health insurance. Pregnant women and minors are exempt from the increase.  

And finally, MaPrimeRénov’, the scheme that helps homeowners fund energy-efficient upgrades within their properties, will become easier to obtain from 15th May with the removal of an obligation to link the financial aid packages to heating systems. Furthermore, applicants hoping to install insulation or replace old boilers will be able to benefit from MaPrimeRénov’ without having to provide an energy performance diagnosis (DPE) document. Properties with a F or G DPE classification will also become eligible for the scheme. 

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Photo source: Antoine Schibler, Unsplash