Exploring Mayo’s rich heritage with Neal Doherty: a glimpse into Ireland’s past

Unlock the stories of Mayo, a county in the West of Ireland, with historian and tour guide Neal Doherty in an enlightening talk at the Princess Grace Irish library.

Neal Doherty, a distinguished historian, author, and tour guide, has made a transition from his corporate career to a life dedicated to exploring and sharing the rich history of Ireland. His expertise has led him to offer private tours in both French and English, focusing on the scenic west of Ireland.

A notable highlight of his tours includes Drimurla, the birthplace of Princess Grace’s grandfather, highlighting the deep historical connections in the area. In March 2023, Prince Albert II unveiled a sculpture in Newport to honour his mother’s family’s ties to the county.

Dohrty’s contributions to the field of history extend beyond guiding tours. He has authored several guidebooks, delving into the intricate details of Dublin and the Mullet Peninsula in Belmullet, and his work has not gone unnoticed, earning him appearances on the TV program Nationwide.

The pinnacle of Doherty’s efforts to share his knowledge will be showcased at the Princess Grace Irish Library on Wednesday 21st February, where he is set to captivate audiences with a presentation on Mayo’s rich history. Scheduled to begin at 7pm, the talk promises a journey through time, tracing the footsteps of John Henry Kelly, Princess Grace’s grandfather, who left in 1867, and recounting the adventures of Grace O’Malley, the formidable pirate queen.

Through Doherty’s narrative, attendees will be transported to pivotal moments in history, including the significant impact of Mayo on the global stage, the influence of St. Patrick and other saints, the region’s profound connections with France, and the remarkable victories of General Humbert during the ‘Year of the French’ in 1798.

Admission to the talk is €10 (€5 for students), cash or cheque only. For more information and ticket reservation, click here: A talk by author Neal Doherty | The Princess Grace Irish Library (pgil.mc)

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Photos: Prince Albert II unveils statue of Princess Grace in Ireland

Photo credit: County Mayo, Unsplash