Extremely rare ancient jewellery and art reaches Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo

hôtel des ventes de monte-carlo

Lovers of the ancient world will not want to miss the Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo auction on Tuesday 7th February, which features lots of incredibly rare ancient items from craftsmen and artists from Ancient Greece, Rome, China and South America, to name a few.  

The exquisite craftsmanship of these pieces, each one unique, must be seen to be fully appreciated, and includes works from ancient artists from around the world.  

The morning will commence at 9.30am with the sale of amulets and scarabs from different eras and regions, and include gorgeous trinkets like a 25mm carved turquoise cat pendant and mini-sculpted amulets from ancient Egypt.   

Jewellery is next up with some notable pieces such as a Phoenician swivel seal ring from the 8th to 9th centuries BC, estimated at €8,000 to €12,000. A pair of stunning 4th to 3rd centuries BC Greek drop earrings made of gold with tiny crafted images of the god Eros delicately attached on either side of an ornamental disk is likely to go for €15,000 to €20,000, and a winding gold serpent-headed arm bracelet dating from Ancient Rome has been valued at €15,000 to €30,000.  

In the afternoon at the Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo, an extraordinary collection of ancient coins put together by a Monaco collector will be up for auction, as will some fascinating pieces of neolithic and ancient Egyptian art. A practically undamaged terracotta jar with the painted motifs still vibrant dating from roughly 3500BC is expected to go for €12,000 to €15,000, and a peerless coiled cobra shaped glazed ornament from the late Ptolemaic period has a price tag in the region of 15,000 to €20,000. A statue of the jackal-god Anubis is expected to fetch €80,000 to €120,000.  

An ornately carved Roman funerary urn with a removable lid made of marble dating from the 1st century AD is also up for grabs at €15,000 to €20,000 and a marble head of Bacchus as a child is expected to go for €25,000 to €30,000.  

Far Eastern and pre-Columbian pieces will be last up, with a range of pieces going under the gavel for just a few hundred up to an eye-watering €100,000.  

The full catalogue can be found here


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Photo source: Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo