Eyes to the skies: Perseid meteor showers back all month

The annual Perseid meteor showers are back throughout the month of August, with the 13th being a particularly good night to catch them in the skies above Monaco and France.

Look up, everyone! The August night sky is filled with wonders, notably from the spectacular return of the Perseid meteor showers, which light up the heavens over France until 24th August.

This shooting star show will best be seen on the night of 13th August from midnight onwards when an estimated one meteor per minute will be visible to the naked eye. This year’s event will be more dramatic than last year, when a Super Moon vied for the showers’ attention and dimmed viewing.


Clear nights will aide in being able to see the showers, which are best seen when looking toward the northeast and the Perseus constellation. The bottom of the “W” formed by the constellation Cassiopeia is where the shooting stars originate from, and emanate from the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet… which takes 133 years to circle the sun.


Minimising the amount of light pollution helps when looking for the Perseid showers. This means heading out to the countryside, a nearby park, the beach or even just turning your back to streetlamps if heading out of town is not possible. People’s eyes need at least 15 minutes to adjust to the dark to catch the fainter meteors so avoid looking at any light source, including phones, during this time. Finally, don’t forget to make a wish, or wishes…may they all come true!

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Photo credit: Vuncentiu Solomon on Unsplash