‘Fearless’ women step forward for TEDx

The upcoming TEDx Monte Carlo Women event will feature an incredible line-up of ‘Fearless’ females who have made their mark internationally, including the feminist pioneer behind a new Hollywood biopic, a former Prime Minister of Australia, and a Belarus opposition leader at the centre of a political nightmare.
“In the midst of uncertainty, the greatest peril is to retreat or become immobilised. At TEDWomen, we’ll hear from bold leaders who are stepping forward and taking action.”
That is the philosophy behind the intriguing TEDx Monte Carlo talk scheduled for 28th November – an all-day virtual event featuring ‘TEDWomen 2020’.
They include award-winning journalist, writer, political activist and feminist organiser Gloria Steinem – who is the subject of The Glorias, a new biopic film by director Julie Taymor.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, leader of a national democratic movement in Belarus, will also be sharing her incredible story. By popular consensus, she received the most votes in the presidential election of Belarus in August. However, the official results were falsified in favour of the incumbent, and she was forced out of her country. She leads the democratic movement out of neighbouring Lithuania as protests continue to rage in Belarus.
Meanwhile, the 27th Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, will also be speaking. She will be joined by the co-author of her book ‘Women and Leadership: Real Lives, Real Lessons’ – Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala – who is also the former Finance Minister of Nigeria and is set to be the next leader of the World Trade Organisation.
Joining the line-up is Jamila Gordon, one of Australia’s foremost tech leaders and founder of Lumachain, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to connect the broken links in the global food supply chains.
And rounding out the international line-up is Tracy Young – a construction engineer turned start-up CEO.
“Our objective is to bring forward fearless ideas and connect passions to drive change and make our world a better place. Why lock up ideas in our heads when we can open up about them and just do it?” Nazanine Matin, TEDx Monte Carlo Curator, told Monaco Life. “We’re stronger together and we’d be surprised how many people share our values, opinions, and fearless ideas. The key is to connect people by giving them a platform to share their thoughts, ask difficult questions, challenge the status quo and leave the conversation more enriched.”
The local TEDx line-up includes Founder and Director of SheCanHeCan Vibeke Brask Thomsen, strategist and politics expert Siri Khalsa, Atos CTO Sophie Proust, The Amber Group Founder and CEO Sonia Irvine, DJ Selena Faider, and infectious disease expert at the Princess Grace Hospital Dr. Ryan Lukas Farhad, who will offer some valuable insights into the current pandemic gripping the world.
“I hope participants will learn something new, share their fearless ideas, drive discussions, ask the tough questions and leave the event feeling empowered, enriched, and fulfilled,” said Ms Matin. “We are currently living in very difficult and odd times – for many being locked down at home can cause certain emotional strains – so we hope our conference can give them a different experience.”
The morning will kick off with a meditation session hosted by local Life Balance Coach Rhonda Hudson.
Tickets for the TEDx Monte Carlo Women event are €5 and available by registering here:
People are also encouraged to send in their ideas about what it means to be fearless to media@tedxmontecarlo.com