Fight Aids Cup 2024: a gala of goals and giving back

Monaco is set to host the fourth Fight Aids Cup, blending football with philanthropy. The event features football stars all playing for a cause much bigger than the game itself at the Louis II stadium, in an exciting face-off between the Barbagiuans and Cirque FC.

The Fight Aids Cup has evolved into more than just a sporting event under the guidance of Louis Ducruet, nephew of Prince Albert II and President of the ‘Barbagiuans of Monaco’, a Monegasque philanthropic fundraising association. It has become an important fundraising initiative for HIV/AIDS initiatives, transcending traditional sports boundaries.

“With pride, we’ve seen the event grow, touching hearts and changing lives,” said Louis Ducruet.

A stage for legends and leaders

Aligning with the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival’s 50th anniversary, the event is set to be an entertaining night, combining sports and spectacle, where football greats and the Princely Family come together in a battle on the field.

“We want this edition to be unforgettable, marking several milestones, and intensifying our fight against HIV,” said Ducruet.

Princess Stéphanie, the heart and soul behind Fight Aids Monaco, echoed this sentiment, saying. “For 20 years, we’ve worked tirelessly against HIV. This Cup isn’t just a game, it’s a spotlight on our ongoing battle, a call to keep pushing forward.”

An evening of fun and spectacle

The event is meticulously planned, from the players’ entrance alongside ‘crazy clowns’ to the mock kick-off this year by Princess Charlene and Princess Stéphanie.

Renowned players like Robert Pires have also joined in past matches. “Being part of this team, supporting Fight Aids Monaco, aligned perfectly with my values,” said Pires.

The gala and the goal

After the game, a gala at the Fairmont will keep the charitable atmosphere alive. All event earnings, including ticket sales, benefit Fight Aids Monaco.

The event will begin at 5:30pm with the match starting at 6:30pm at Stade Louis II on 22nd January. Tickets for the match cost €10. Tickets will be available soon at Home | AS Monaco or directly at the Stadium.


Interview: Louis Ducruet, the Princely family member making his own mark on Monaco’s sporting landscape

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Photo credit: Government Communication Department