Filming of new Michael Jackson biopic, A Gift from God, underway in Menton

a gift from god

A Gift from God, Liana Marabini’s new biopic exploring the spiritual life of Michael Jackson, is currently being shot on location in Menton. It is hoped that filming will be complete by mid-April, just in time for a grand reveal at the Cannes Film Festival.  

In the new movie, Monaco-based writer, director and filmmaker Liana Marabini will be lifting the veil on a side of the King of Pop, who died at the age of 50 in 2009, that not many people know a lot about.

His life has been raked over a thousand times before – and since – but his deep religious connections and spiritual side are lesser known.  

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Revealing his fascinating diverse views and beliefs is a challenge that Marabini has decided to take on, and she is currently on location in Menton to shoot a portion of the new biopic. 

The aim of A Gift from God is to consider the man apart from his music, and to guide viewers on a journey through the years of 1982 to 1989, an era that saw the release of some of his biggest hits, such as Thriller and Billie Jean 

Having shied away from the religion of his youth, the Jehovah’s Witnesses denomination, Michael Jackson, also known simply as MJ, sought spiritual guidance by immersing himself in religious texts such as the Torah, the Koran and several Eastern philosophies. He also toyed with Catholicism, and had such a deep admiration for Pope John Paul II that he dedicated a painting he made to him. That painting that will be revealed for the very first time in A Gift from God.

The film will star Italian-American actor Joshua Consigli in the title role. 

“I am happy that Joshua is playing Michael with sensitivity and respect because, for me, it is important to show the spiritual aspect of this very special artist, who spent much of his life suffering, but who gave so much beauty, harmony and joy to people,” says Marabini.  

She continues, “A Gift from God takes the audience across continents, showing Michael’s interactions with different spiritual practices and his genuine respect for different religions. The film highlights his love of art, culture and books, illustrating how these experiences influenced his art and his outlook on life. His love for classical music is also expressed through the film’s soundtrack, which features a mix of opera, Bach concertos and the innovative pop symphony of French composer Jean-Marie Benjamin, who wrote it specifically for this film.”  

Filming is anticipated to be complete by mid-April, with the goal of presenting the biopic at the Cannes Film Festival in May.  


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Photo source: Canmandawe, Unsplash