Final students return to classrooms

Monaco’s primary students made their return to school on Monday, the final group to do so in the government’s three-phase plan to lift the lockdown.
Masked parents kissed their masked children goodbye at the gate of the Fontvieille school Monday morning under the gaze of Monaco’s Minister of the Interior Patrice Cellario and Director of National Education Isabelle Bonnal.


Distancing measures, wearing a mask, washing hands, half-day classes in small groups and no school canteen are the ‘new normal’ for these young students.
Not all primary-aged children have been allowed to return to school. In order to keep class sizes down, only CP and CM2 have been able to return. CE1, CE2 and CM1 students will continue their lessons at home and will not go back to school until September.
Photos: © Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali