Fish eco-systems to be installed throughout Monaco’s ports

The Monaco Yacht Club is investing in the development of an ecological corridor on Port Hercule to foster marine life along the coast of Monaco.

Since 2014, the Department of Maritime Affairs (DAM), the Department of the Environment (DE) and the Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (SEPM) have called on the company Ecocéan to install ‘Biohuts’ in the ports of Monaco.

The artificial habitats replicate the natural environments that support marine life and protect larvae from predators, therefore contributing to the chances of their survival and encouraging the growth of adult populations.

Scientific monitoring reports have proven their effectiveness, noting the presence of 416 fish of 12 different species and an extremely developed and varied fauna.

As a result, the DAM, DE and SEPM have decided to continue their partnership with Ecocéan for another four years.

The Yacht Club de Monaco has joined the cause and is funding the installation of 24 new nurseries in its marina.

A total of 79 nurseries will be installed this week in the ports of Monaco, which will cover all of Port Hercule and the Port of Fontvieille in order to restore the ecosystem impacted by human activity.

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Photo credit: Manuel Vatali, Government Communication Department