Five Padel Cup tournament to feature Monaco’s Barbagiuans

five padel cup

The Five Padel Cup is coming to Eze in April with a host of special guests from the sport and business worlds as well as Monaco’s very own star-packed Barbagiuan team. 

In the wake of the ‘padelmania’ phenomenon, a new padel tournament, the Five Padel Cup, will be coming to Eze from 17th to 19th April.  

Bringing together sport, social and charitable aspects, the competition is made for anyone interested in seeing first-hand the rising stars in this exciting, fast-paced sport. With events being planned by the Eze Tennis-Padel Club and the Principality, the three-day tournament will “offer a memorable experience” to participants and spectators alike.  

As per the format, there will be five simultaneous competitions occurring at the same time. In addition to the women’s and men’s tournaments, there will also be a contest for those with physical disabilities, one for VIPs from the business world, and one dedicated to sports personalities from different disciplines, such as football and racing.  

Amongst those will be the Barbagiuans of Monaco, a group created by Prince Albert and now run by Louis Ducruet, who will have put together one or more teams. Though the teams are yet to be announced, they are usually comprised of local and international footballers, giving fans a chance to watch some of their favourite sports figures in action in a totally different medium.  

The event also will have a strong charity aspect, with a local association benefitting from some of the proceeds.  

To add an element of glamour, there will also be two gala evenings – one at Crazy Pizza, the other at Twiga – so players and spectators can mix and mingle in a casual way.  


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Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unspalsh