‘Flowers for the bees’ at the Princess Antoinette Park

As part of the ‘Flowers for Bees 2019’ campaign, the French Observatory of Apidology will be hosting a special event at the Princess Antoinette Park on Wednesday 19th June at 3.30pm.

Children are invited to head to the Zen section of the park, where there will be a presentation on nectar dispensing plants which are essential for the feeding of bees. The beekeeper will be offering his honey for sale.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness among children of the importance of bee conservation. Admission is free and the presentation will take around one hour.

The French Observatory of Apidology (OFA) is a non-profit association located in the Var at Sainte-Baume. It is charged with the safeguarding of bees and includes an experimental beekeeping herd, a research centre and a vocational training center.

The EU has encouraged the creation of up to 30,000 new beekeepers in Europe and the creation of 10 million new bee colonies by 2025.

New at the Princess Antoinette Park in 2019:

The park this year boasts a new barn made by the park’s gardeners from some of the decorations recovered from the 2018 Christmas Village; a new hutch for rabbits again thanks to the talent of handymen and gardeners; two brand new composters accessible to individuals during park opening hours; and a completely renovated mini-golf. The park is non-smoking.

More info: www.flowersforbees.com and www.ofapidologie.org