Flu jab campaigns launched in France and Monaco

Vaccination campaigns against the flu are underway in both territories, but while Frace is targeting the vulnerable, Monaco seeks to get the whole population on board.  

In an official communiqué, the Monegasque government has warned that public immunity to the flu has been weakened by the Covid pandemic. Particular attention and priority have been given to the more vulnerable groups – the elderly, pregnant women, health professionals and people with chronic diseases, including for young children from six months to 17 years – but the Principality is asking all residents to get vaccinated against the flu ahead of the winter season. 

Flu jabs are available for free through Monaco’s social security system and can be obtained at pharmacies with or without a prescription. They can be administered by a doctor, private nurse or a pharmacist. 

In France, the government is running a similar free vaccination campaign until 31st October for: over 65s, people with certain chronic diseases, those who are obese, pregnant women, relatives of infants under six months at risk of developing a severe form of flu, health professionals how are frequently in contact with fragile patients, and home help or aides à domicile.  

Until 15th November, these groups will have priority access to flu vaccine stocks. After this date, the greater public will also have free access to the jab.  



Photo source: CDC for Unsplash