Foreign driver’s license holders targeted in latest scam

Authorities in Monaco have just foiled a new scam doing the rounds, this time involving foreign driver’s license holders. Victims are being asked to contact the government.

On Friday 5th January, the government revealed that the Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN) had just taken down the site – a fake teleservice website similar to that operated by state services.

This new scam relates to requests to exchange a foreign driver’s license, in which the victim is instructed to hand over personal details and money.

While the site is no longer operational, the government instructs any resident who has fallen victim to the scam, and suffered financial loss or who have transferred personal data to the addresses or, to report to the Directorate of Public Security.

How to spot a scam?

While digital scams such as this can look very similar to official services, it is quite easy to spot a fraudulent website by simply looking at the website url. All online procedures from the Monaco Government services contain in their address. If any site asking for money or information does not contain, the government strongly recommends that recipients do not open it.

The official address for online procedures in the Principality is:


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Photo credit:, Unsplash