France expands bicycle subsidy scheme to second-hand bikes

bonus vélo

Since the start of the year, purchases of used and second-hand bicycles have been eligible for part-funding under France’s bonus vélo scheme. 

Prior to 1st January 2024, the bicycle subsidy initiative was exclusive to new models, but now it has been expanded to offer money back on the purchase of a bicycle new or used, including electric bikes, provided that they are bought from a professional or registered merchant.  

The scheme continues to be means-tested, with the threshold for aid having been raised in 2023. While those with lower incomes can benefit from higher subsidies, up to €2,000 in some cases, all residents are entitled to some form of assistance.  

A range of personal transportation falls under the scheme, from traditional pedal-powered bicycles to e-bikes, folding bikes and those adapted for people with disabilities.  

Applications for money back under the bonus vélo must be submitted within six months of the bike’s purchase and can be processed online 

The full and updated details on the scheme can be found here


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Photo source: Unsplash