France launches ‘Mission Nature’ scratchcard to fund biodiversity projects

mission nature

From protecting Mediterranean seagrass to wetland preservation programmes in the north, some 20 different biodiversity projects in France are set to benefit from the newly launched ‘Mission Nature’ scratchcard. 

The French government, in collaboration with the Française des Jeux lottery company, has come up with a novel way of building a pool of funds for projects that are tackling serious environmental issues on home soil: a brand-new scratchcard called the Mission Nature.  


For €3 a ticket, people have a chance at winning jackpots up to €30,000. Every ticket sold will, in turn, pledge 43 cents to the Office Français de la Biodiversité, which will then use the funds to support various projects across France.  

This broad-spectrum approach gives the public an easy way to contribute toward conservation efforts without the need to decide specifically which ones. It is, in some ways similar to the popular Loto du Patrimone, although historical monuments are not the focus here, but there is still the thrill of a potential windfall and the satisfaction of helping a good cause.  


The 20 projects that will benefit have been chosen by a committee of well-known environmental protection agencies, such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, along with local authorities. 

They have been divided into two categories: large-scale emblematic projects with a positive impact on ecosystems and their restoration, and acting in favour of habitats or heritage species on a national scale; and network projects with a regional or local level impact on the ecosystems or species concerned. 

They run the gamut from seas, coastlines and oceans to forests, meadows and native flora, and everything in between. Examples include the preservation of the wetlands around Mont Saint Michel and the protection of Posidonia herbarium in the Mediterranean Sea. Two are local to the Alpes-Maritimes: bat roosting site conservation in the Gorges de la Siagne and the monitoring of native Hermann tortoise populations.  

Whilst ecological pursuits are the primary focus, the game also promotes responsible gambling practices by reminding players of the risks involved in scratchcard gaming and offering information on a helpline for those who may be addicted.  

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Photo source: Gautier Salles, Unsplash