France lays on the charm with new campaign aimed at investors from North America, India, UAE and Germany

France has set its sights on new partnerships with investors from the US, Canada, India, the UAE and Germany with the recently launched ‘Make It Iconic. Choose France’ campaign that features some of the nation’s most recognisable and emblematic personalities, from football’s Kylian Mbappé to designer Philippe Starck.  

Playing up to that je ne sais quoi français to full extent, this new communication campaign from the French government has homed in on the nation’s “boldness, innovation, the passion for expression and skill”.  

And the campaign sure is bold in its approach, proclaiming, “We cannot resign ourselves to a future written by others… Challenge the status quo. Choose unexplored paths. Aim for the extraordinary as you shatter the ordinary. Elevate the present and inspire future generations.” 

In its line of sight are potential investors and multinational companies from the five powerful nations of the US, Canada, India, the UAE and Germany, which the campaign is reaching out to with targeted logistical information on setting up a business or branch in France as well as how the nation is embracing international partnerships in a range of different sectors and industries. 

France as Europe’s “leading destination for foreign investments”

France is currently the “leading destination for foreign investments in Europe” and had established a dedicated government-run team to help guide interested investors through its legal and tax environment in the form of Business France

The ‘Make It Iconic. Choose France’ campaign is specifically targeting the nations of the US, Canada, India, the UAE and Germany. Photo via official campaign website

The campaign champions France’s legacy in the fields of gastronomy, culture, sport, science and even fashion as well as its unique heritage to paint a picture of a nation confident in own skin. The use of some of France’s most talented figures of the day, from football star Kylian Mbappé and rugby legend Antoine Dupont to the iconic designer Philippe Starck and aspiring astronaut Sophie Adenot, drives home a sense of homegrown talent that the nation is so keen to promote, but the campaign doesn’t shy away from a keenness to collaborate on an international scale. 

“France is a land of daring character and excellence, committed to a thorough transformation of its industry for the world of tomorrow,” reads the campaign website. “Let’s support, finance and accelerate transitions to a fairer and more sustainable world… Choosing France is banking on boldness, innovation, the passion for expression and skill.” 

The campaign is being disseminated via various state level and diplomatic networks, but you can see it for yourself in English by clicking here 


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Photo source: Florian Wehde, Unsplash