France makes changes to education, retirement and renovations from 1st September

1st september france

Here’s what to expect from the sweeping changes in France that will come into force on Friday 1st September.  

At the start of every month, the French government puts out an announcement on the latest changes and laws coming into effect in the country. From 1st September, just in time for La Rentrée, some changes in the educational system are in the spotlight, as are rules on how to collect aid for water-saving projects. Additionally, aspects of the controversial pension reform scheme are being realised.  

Here are a few of the other big changes happening as of next month.


Primary and secondary school teachers and staff will be seeing their pay packets rise by a minimum of €125 net per year, with the average pay rise being €158.  

Scholarship holders will also be seeing a bit more cash from September as a rise of €37 will go into effect. This amount was calculated according to inflationary figures and will be across the board for all students who receive grants.  

Finally, the Higher Education Bonus, which is awarded to teacher-researchers, is being increased to €1,785, an increase of over €100 per month. This initiative is in addition to the general measures recently announced by the government “to improve the working conditions and professional advancement of civil servants, particularly teachers”.  


From the start of September, people who undertake energy renovation works of more than €5,000 plus tax, requiring two or more actions, should head in the direction of the Accompagnateur Rénov’ guide. 

This means using a project management professional approved by the state or designated by a commune. Supported by the National Housing Agency (ANAH), this professional is responsible for assisting individuals in their energy renovation projects. Click here for more information.


The first of the month will also see a raft of new pension reform measures go into action. These include: the elimination of four special regimes; the revaluation of minimum pensions for new retirees; the expansion of the progressive retirement system; new rights linked to combining employment and retirement; the creation of an investment fund for workers affected by “wear and tear”; improvement of the professional prevention account; the creation of old age insurance for caregivers as well as the creation of the orphan’s pension under the general system; and the publication of various decrees relating to pension reform.  

For more information, click here.  


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Photo source: Delia Giandeini, Unsplash