France mandates health passes for certain workers

As of Monday 30th August, French workers in close contact with the public must now carry health passes as the government continues its controversial strategy to persuade the population to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
The health pass mandate has been extended from the general public to now apply to staff who work face to face with people, such as in restaurants, cinemas or public transport. It will impact at least 1.8 million workers across the country and means that they must show proof of vaccination, a negative Covid test or recovery from the virus in order to access their place of employment.
The 30th August start date for workers comes despite widespread protests across the country. The French government insists that the pass is necessary in order to encourage vaccination uptake and avoid a fourth national lockdown, with the unvaccinated accounting for the majority of Covid-19 patients admitted to hospital.
Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash