France: New Agora app gives the public a voice in government decisions

The Ministry of Democratic Renewal has launched Agora, an app designed to give the people of France a chance to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns on “high-stakes” subjects affecting them. 

The aim of the Agora app is to encourage participation amongst the populace, giving them more of a say on the policies that affect them, as well as giving the government a better idea of the expectations the people have regarding public policy.  

The app is part and parcel of the overall Renouveau de la Vie Démocratique government scheme that hopes to incorporate more citizen contribution into the shaping of laws.  

“I am launching Agora, an application to consult with you on subjects that concern you,” said Olivier Veran, Minister Delegate for Democratic Renewal and Government Spokesperson, on social media. “Help us make the big decisions for our country, ask us directly [and] vote for the questions to which the ministers will answer.”


The public aren’t the only ones to ask questions. Officials too will be able to pose queries to the public on themes such as environment, employment, immigration and the like.  

An anticipated four consultations will take place each month and the most popular is set to be taken a step further, reaching the Council of Ministers, where the minister concerned or a relevant government spokesperson will be required to respond.  

The app will also allow the government to inform the public of the process or ongoing steps linked to a topic.  

The Agora app is live and available for free on the AppStore and Google Play Store. 


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