France: New €100 per month “social leasing” programme to widen access to electric vehicles

Under an innovative new scheme designed to help lower income families transition to electric vehicles, the French government is offering certain households the opportunity to lease a range of transportation for just €100 a month. Here are all the details.  

As part of its national strategy to cut emissions, the French government has launched a pioneering new programme called Mon Leasing Electrique.  

The scheme essentially offers a long-term leasing contract of a 100% electric vehicle at a very modest cost. According to the government, applicants who fit the conditions could pay €100 or less for a vehicle every month for a period of three years. After that, the contract holder can either return the vehicle or buy it for the residual amount.  

Mon Leasing Electrique will be up and running from 1st January 2024, but those intrigued by the programme can already register their interest online.


The programme is targeting low-income households who would otherwise be unlikely to be able to afford to buy an electric vehicle.  

To be suitable for the programme, the individual apply must: have a fixed address in France; live over 15 kilometres from their place of work and require a car to get there; travel at least 8,000 kilometres by car for work each year; and have an income tax reference of less than €15,400 per share. 

“An electric car at €100 per month was a commitment from the President [Emmanual Macron],” said Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on social media. “From January 1st it will be a reality. Bringing the ecological transition into everyone’s daily life is ecological planning.”  

To find out more and to see if you are eligible for the scheme, click here


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Photo source: Jenny Ueberberg, Unsplash