France plans to lift mandatory Covid vaccination for caregivers

The High Authority for Health, HAS, whose opinion is usually followed by the French government, on Monday paved the way for an end to compulsory Covid vaccines for health professionals.

In a draft opinion published on its site, the authority said that “In the current context, the vaccination obligation against Covid-19 could be lifted for all the professionals concerned.”

However, it added that the vaccine should remain “strongly recommended” in particular professions for which other vaccinations are in force.

The institution will carry out a public consultation for a month, before issuing a final opinion at the end of March.

A controversial requirement to be vaccinated

Since 2021, all caregivers – and more generally anyone working in a hospital environment – must be vaccinated against Covid to be able to practice their profession. The subject has generated considerable debate with both left and right sides of the government calling for the reinstatement of unvaccinated caregivers.

The National Ethics Council (CCNE) must also rule on the situation of suspended caregivers before the government can take action.