France: Relaxed rules for titres-restaurant vouchers will continue until the end of 2024

A ruling that allowed a greater deal of flexibility within the titres-restaurant scheme, which was made by the French government in 2022, had been due to terminate at the end of last year, but it will now run until the close of 2024. 

Since October 2022, the French government has made the purchasing power of the venerated titres-restaurant meal vouchers go further.  

Once used solely to pay for a portion of meals bought by employees who worked in facilities that did not have canteens or cafeterias on-site, the government ruling 15 months ago allowed beneficiaries to also use the vouchers to buy food from supermarkets in a bid to help out those who were struggling to make ends meet during the cost-of-living crisis and combat the effects of high inflation.  

This relaxation of the rules was set to end on 31st December 2023, but has now been prolonged until the end of 2024, according to France’s Journal Officiel. 

The list of food items that can be bought under this conditional system is extensive – a full list can be found herebut it does have limitations. For example, alcoholic beverages, baby food and formula, confectionery, pet food and non-edible items, such as cigarettes, cannot be purchased using titres-restaurant 

For more information about the scheme, click here.  


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Photo source: Ahtziri Lagarde, Unsplash