France: Senate votes to restrict the transport sector’s right to strike

France’s upper legislative house, the Senate, has just adopted a bill that denies workers in the transportation sector the right to strike during certain busy periods in a bid to “ensure continuity of service”. 

The transportation sector in France is bracing itself for a major blow, as the country’s Senate has voted 211 to 112 in favour of preventing workers’ legal right to strike on 30 designated days each year.  

The bill is designed to prevent chaos during peak periods, such as school and public holidays, as well as during events of “major importance” like the upcoming Paris Olympic Games.

The text states that the right to strike will be limited to a maximum of seven consecutive days. It applies to all workers, but excludes those working for airlines. It also demands that the deadline for declaring a strike be raised from the current 48 hours to 72, and that a minimum level of service during peak times be maintained during strike periods.  


While the bill has been passed by the Senate, it is not a done deal quite yet. It will now go to France’s lower legislative branch, the National Assembly, to see if MPs agree with the terms.  

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