France sets July deadline for property ownership declarations

Property owners in France have been required to make a déclaration d’occupation regarding the type and status of their real estate assets since 2023, and the deadline for reporting any changes since then is now on the horizon.  

New rules on the reporting of property ownership in France came into effect in 2023. The regulations require all property owners to tell the tax authorities about their real estate assets, confirming whether the properties in question are main or secondary residences as well as who lives in the property if it is not the owner themselves.  

These records are still valid from 2023, but if there has been a change of situation between 1st January 2023 and 1st January 2024, such as new tenants, the purchase of a new home or a change of primary residence, property owners are required to update their information.  

The deadline for this has been set as 1st July. Late declarations may incur a €150 fine.  

To facilitate the process, a questionnaire was provided at the end of the standard online tax return forms that reminded people of the need to report any changes. If changes have occurred, the enquiry form automatically redirects people to a Gérer mes biens immobiliers page, which is also accessible directly on the website. Paper applications are also available.

A toll-free help line has also been set up to assist anyone struggling with the forms: 08 09 40 14 01. Representatives are on hand from Monday to Friday and from 8.30am until 7pm. 

If there have been no changes since last year, there is no need to take action.  

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Photo source: Bruno Buisson, Unsplash