France streamlines cumbersome RSA benefits system 

The uptake of RSA – the Active Solidarity Income social welfare benefit that provides a “minimum level of income for people without resources that varies according to the composition of the household” – and the activity bonus or prime d’activité is colossally low in France, with as many as 34% of those eligible for support believed to be missing out.  

That could be about to change, however, following an announcement that accessing these social benefits is to become significantly easier under a new and streamlined system.  

Cumbersome, complicated and confusing 

The French government has announced that the social net amount that applicants are required to declare to officials in order to receive RSA or the activity bonus will, from now on, appear on all employee pay slips.  

This avoids the complicated calculations applicants have previously been required to work out for themselves on the forms, which are similarly derided as “cumbersome and confusing”.  

Recipients can expect even more simplification to the process to come in 2025, when the government says it will be rolling out pre-filled out resource declarations that will automatically collect the funds from employers and designated agencies.  

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Photo source: Towfiqu Barbhuiya, Unsplash