France will persuade tourists to discover new areas to relieve travel hotspots

france tourists

The French government is proposing a new scheme to encourage tourists away from conventional hot spots and onto lesser-known destinations in an effort to preserve and protect the environment. 

According to a government report, 80% of France’s tourism activity is concentrated in 20% of the country, with the French Riviera being one of the most heavily impacted areas. This is saying something in a country that boasts more visitors than any other in the world.  

Though the economic benefits of being a touristic hot spot are great, there are many consequences that come along with them that are less-than-desirable.  


One of the more dramatic problems that heavily touristic places encounter is that real estate prices get driven up by an influx of people who are willing to pay more to get a piece of the magic, leading to the locals resenting and rejecting tourists.  

Also, the most popular destinations at peak season are often so overrun that they simply become unpleasant for locals as well as guests. 

Then there is the matter of the environmental impact, with services being over-burdened, air quality suffering, natural spaces being cleared to make way for more accommodation, clogged motorways, and threats to biodiversity in general.  


To counteract the bad without putting off tourists, the government has devised a plan. Minister for Tourism Olivia Grégoire and the network of Grands Sites de France are co-managing a working group dedicated to the observation of tourist flows in the first half of 2023.  

“The ambition of the plan, in the long term, is to discover lesser-known sites of French cultural heritage and to encourage tourists to discover [these] equally interesting places,” says a government spokesperson.   

To achieve the goals, a four-axis strategy that includes learning more about tourist flow management, raising awareness, measuring impacts and offering support to the regions to help with organisation will be implemented.  


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Photo source: Oscar Nord for Unsplash