France to offer emergency financial aid to domestic violence victims fleeing abusive situations

france domestic violence

A new law was passed in France this week, which will give victims of domestic violence access to an emergency fund to help them escape abusive situations quickly and establish a safer future.  

The law states that those in need will be eligible for either free assistance or an interest-free loan in order to allow them to remove themselves safely and rapidly from a bad situation.  

The national domestic violence statistics are alarming: 208,000 reports of abuse were filed in 2021 in France and 122 women were killed by their spouses. Most didn’t have the means to leave, making them literal prisoners to abusive partners and exposing themselves and their children to danger.  

The new law will help change that by “guaranteeing them the financial conditions necessary to take shelter and make a new start”, says the government on its Public Service website.  

The level of help will vary case to case, but the government is saying the first installment will be ready to use within three working days. Assistance will be available for up to six months and will also include complementary solidarity health care and social and professional support. 

Furthermore, in the case of a loan, the repayment may be the responsibility of the abuser, with a €5,000 cap. If the victim is paying, they could benefit from reductions depending on their situation.  

Universal emergency aid will be ready by the end of 2023. 



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Photo by Eric Ward for Unsplash